Expert Real Estate Trends

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Get your own branded real estate trends website to help you look like an industry leading housing market expert. Then use your trends site to optimize your listing presentation’s potential. Most agents fail to get listings because they can’t motivate sellers enough to get them off the fence. They talk more about the “listing price” than why they should list. I call this the CMA listing presentation. It’s what most agents use and it’s not very effective.

Many agents using a CMS-style listing presentation can’t get past the “I have to think about it” objection that stops sellers from listing. As a real estate agent the biggest objection I had to overcome on listing appointment was “I have to think about it”. Later in my career I realized that if that objection stopped me from getting the listing I hadn’t done a good enough job motivating the sellers or eliminating their objections.

There is however, a great way to motivate and create the desire to sell for these type of homeowners. The best way I discovered to do this is to use housing market trends and statistics to show sellers why they need to sell right now. Even in a rebounding housing market like we are in today there are tons of real estate trends that we as agents can use to motivate sellers who want to hold out for their price.