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"I ordered 7 business card books just to try before ordering extra, I tested one and mailed it out to a potential seller. He called me back and said he received my book and loved it! He wants me to list his house. After that I said to myself I better read this book lol! It's a really good book."

Darcy Klovanish, Realtor
Dustin Sherlin

Curry Team,

Just wanted to give you guys an update on how our listing leads have been after implementing your funnels.

We started with the expired campaign and was sending out 25 letters a week for the last 6 weeks.With just this letter alone we listed 5 homes (over $1.5 million) in the last six weeks and generated 24 other seller leads that are planning to put their house on the market after the first of the year. This Expired Letter ROCKS!!!"

Dustin Sherlin, Regional Director of Sales at Sherlin Realty Group LLC
Megan Gray

“We have been sending expired listing letters out about 100 in the past two months and we have got two listings. One for $400,000 and the other for $850,000! This system does work. Can’t wit for more leads to come in!"

Megan Gray, Valley Real Estate Brokers
Skip Lonas

“I have 2 success stories…mailed out 110 expired letters over the past 2 weeks and now have (2) listings appointments this week!! One for $209k and the other $460k… looks like this marketing strategy is working for me!"

Skip Lonas, Prudential Real Estate
Debbie Liu

“I got 2 calls from 100 expired yesterday. One told me she’s no longer selling her house and I was able to secure the other one with an appointment today at 3pm. Got the Listing for $449,888 and they want to buy up to $450,000 house with me. This will work if you actually do it!"

Debbie Liu, West USA Realty Revelation
Kimberly Repoza

“I am currently using the expired and vacant funnels. I mail 10 letters a day from each funnel in red envelopes. I have 5 appointment this month and 2 listings! The listings are for $550,000 and 265,000."

Kimberly Repoza, Weichert Realtors
Daniel Gonzalez

“Super pumped to be in this group! I went all in yesterday afternoon; went through all the modules, created 3 Fan-pages in 3 different communities within my city, launched 3 campaigns for 4-5 hrs each and collected 144 ad visits, 88 unique visits, and picked 46 leads! Thank you for taking my Facebook Ads to the next level!"

Daniel Gonzalez, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty
Ken Varilek

“I have spent $35.17 and received 5 leads; 3 of which are very good quality and I have a listing appointment on Thursday for a $390k home. I also have a follow-up call with a $599k home. I would rate these results as OUTSTANDING!"

Ken Varilek, Keller Williams Real Estate